About Stephen

Stephen Zelcer is the source of Financial Education for Federal Employees. He stands at the
intersection between your Federal Benefits and your personal finances and advises you on how
to integrate your Federal benefits with the rest of your financial life.  Instead of just receiving
information about your benefits, Stephen guides you in what you could or should be doing to
make the most of your money.
Stephen has been working with federal employees at all GS levels, including executives and
judges, since 2007.  He has helped hundreds of Federal Employees:


  • Retire
  • Save on taxes
  • Manage their TSP
  • Plan their estate
  • Endow charities
  • Tackle debt
  • Protect their survivors and loved ones
  • Convert negative cash flows into positive cash flows
  • Simply feel more secure in their financial lives


Stephen is also an accomplished lecturer presenting financial planning seminars for Beacon
Education , as well as other educational outfits.  Stephen has been invited by
dozens of agencies to teach and explain Federal retirement and employee benefits.  He has
personally delivered over 250 pre-retirement seminars, teaching thousands of Federal
employees about all aspects of federal benefits.  Agencies and employees seek Stephen out
because of his unique ability to see the interrelationship between Federal benefits and personal
financial planning.
Stephen continuously authors articles that clarify points in Federal retirement and other topics
related to retirement planning.  He is viewed as a subject matter expert sought by employees,
agencies, national conferences and public media.
He is the author of the Retirement readiness workbook “Ready, Aim, Retire!”
and he has developed a class specifically modeled around that workbook – a must-have for any
federal employee nearing retirement, as well as for any federal agency that wants to provide
quality pre-retirement training.
He also authored “Better than FEGLI! The Federal Employee’s Guide to Life insurance”.

This book helps Federal employees figure out if they even need life insurance, and if
they do, how much and which insurance vehicle will address their needs.


Some additional resources that Stephen has created for Federal Employees are: