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Financial Planning Tier 2

Financial Planner

$1000 once off payment
$45 a month
$ 1k
  • Dynamic Personal Financial Planning Software
  • SZ Personal Consulation
  • TSP Planning Mail
  • Live Webinars
  • Dynamic E-Workbook with Extra
  • Access to Webinar Archive
  • Life Insurance Workbook
  • 26 Benefit Question Series(with Answers)
  • Top Ten TSP Mistakes

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Here’s what my members have said and seen

Walter C

Stephen's financial planning advice is top notch. He is able to convey important concepts in an understandable way with real world examples. He also provides diverse advice that covers many financial planning topics from taxes to investments to retirement planning and does so in an excellent manner.

Noelle M

Stephen, this helps immensely! This is exactly what I like best about your advice -- You always get right down to it and give me the applicable equation in both numbers and words, then use it in a real life example. Thanks much,

This is a very serious service which usually translates into thousands of dollars of financial benefits every year, year after year, compounding.

Chuck M. was given 2 immediate action steps that translated into at least $25k a year portfolio growth, year after year for the rest of his life.

Sina Y. was given 3 immediate action steps that translate into a $350k increase in portfolio value by the time she retires (she’s expecting to retire in 10 years).

Anil K. was given 1 immediate action step with his rental property that saved him $8k on closing costs and spared him $8k each year in property expenses.

Nancy G. received 1 action step that saved her $3k a year on her insurances. $3k savings per year over a life expectancy of 30 years = $90k

Michael U. was given 1 immediate action step that translated into $3k of additional monthly Social Security benefits over a 5 year period. That’s $36k a year x 5 years = $180k!

Judy E. was given 5 immediate action steps that translated into $10k of savings over a two year period of time.

Over 90% of my members experience at least $3k of financial benefit within the first year. This is an amazing return on investment!