Kimberly K.

( Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. )

I had to respond back to this email. You have been the only instructor who has explained TSP in a way that I could gather all the information and not feel overwhelmed afterwards or leave feeling like I am still confused. Your enthusiasm was great. I am one who only invested in the G fund, but after your class I feel more comfortable utilizing the other funds even if it’s a small percentage.  Thank you for coming by PBGC.

Jen M.


Hello Stephen. Thank YOU so much for your wonderful presentation.  You were very engaging and clearly you know what you’re talking about!  I got a lot out of your presentations.

Lilica K.

( Voice of America )

Stephen, I wholeheartedly recommend you to my colleagues and friends. You know your stuff, you are warm and professional, you are engaging, you beautifully connect with people. I am glad I came to your seminar.

Terry S.


Stephen, I have been an instructor for eons and I have to say you did a great job with potentially deadly content.  Congrats!

Zorz C.

( Voice of America )

Hi Stephen, Just wanted to reciprocate with thanking you for an insightful course and a very amusing presentation of serious stuff. Cheers!

Don S.

( Consumer Product Safety Commission (now retired) )

Steve, without a doubt, the best of MANY CSRS courses!

Donna F.

( Library of Congress )

Stephen, Your presentation was wonderful. I most certainly got a lot of 'bang for the buck" and I very much appreciate everything you shared with our group. When I came home, I mentioned some of the topics with my husband and told him that I want to get all of my personal documents in order to better prepare for my retirement.  I look forward to receiving and reading your articles." 

Syed A.

( Appalachian Regional Commission )

I have attended several courses on ‘financial planning’ but I am happy to declare you are the best instructor, a real knowledgeable person and one who speaks the truth.  I learned several new ideas from your lecture." 

David J.

( Dept. of Education )

Stephen, I truly was engaged in thinking through the different scenarios you provided including the one on how the money should be invested between a TSP and Taxable Account.  I appreciate your thoughtful comments earlier.  I must admit I was going into the seminar as a skeptic based on historical presentations I've attended in this area, and to my surprise, your presentation was refreshing.  Thanks!

Steve G.

( FERC )

Good morning Stephen.  I enjoyed your retirement planning seminar this week and I plan to encourage many of my co-workers to attend the next one.  I've attended many seminars over the years and yours definitely tops the list.  Keep up the great work!

Charles G.

( SBA )

“Stephen,  You did a great job yesterday with your presentation and I am not easily impressed, especially with financial management presenters.  I pride myself on being a good judge of character and you have good character, as well as a keen ability to get people to listen to what you have to say.  You got my attention and kept it during your entire 2 hour presentation.  Because of that, I will keep in touch and look forward to your email articles.  All the best to you and your family.”

B. Carter

( Retired Federal Employee )

“Stephen,  Your classes were very helpful in preparing me for retirement.”

Beverly F.


“Dear Stephen, I am so glad to have had your class - you are truly gifted in what you do and I am grateful that you can share your knowledge with the rest of us.”

Bob P.

( FERC (now retired) )

“Stephen, Your last class helped me prepare and optimize my benefits.  I feel like I have a decent handle on things and I am retiring at the end of the month.   The information you provided is very useful and I would bet people will be interested, so I will pass it on.”

Phyllis V.

( Human Resources Officer - NCPC )

Hi Stephen, The TSP Seminar was very well received by staff. I can truly say, it was the best TSP training that I have experienced.