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Should I use my TSP to start a business?

Q&A – Should I use my TSP to start a business? (This article originally appeared as Ask Bob: Do I Qualify For a TSP Hardship Withdrawal – here) Question My wife and I started a business, but due to COVID, materials, construction prices dramatically increased and permitting delays we have not been able to open

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transform debt into wealth webinar

Webinar: Transforming Debt into Wealth

Is debt bad? Most Americans have debt of some sort (Mortgages, Student loans, Auto loans, TSP loans, CCs…). Understanding that debt can actually be a tool you leverage to build your wealth will give you a deeper insight as to whether you need to accelerate paying off your debt or put your money to better

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Should you accelerate payments towards your mortgage? I see people do this all the time, especially in the pre-retirement group.  Many people are uncomfortable having any debt, including their mortgage, and they are driven to enter retirement “debt free.”  To rid themselves of debt they make an additional payments of principle each month, on top

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