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TSP Planning Report – March 2021

March 2021 TSP Planning Report: Facts: This month’s unemployment rate lowered to 6.2% from last month’s 6.3%. PMI (Purchasing Managers Index) continued to expand (any reading above a score of 50 means expansion). This month’s reading came in at 60.8, compared to last month’s 58.7. The S&P 500 (C Fund) increased 2.76% in February, compared to a -1.01%

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Q&A: Tax Withholding on a FERS or CSRS Pension

Q&A: Tax Withholding on a FERS or CSRS Pension

Q&A: Tax Withholding on a FERS or CSRS Pension Question Hi Stephen, I’m filling in my retirement paperwork and have a quick question about tax withholding: Federal withholding W-4P:  Do you suggest I just have usual federal tax withheld under my “single” status? State withholding:  should I elect to NOT have state income tax withheld from

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Q&A: TriCare and FEHB

Q&A: TriCare and FEHB Question I know FEHB has a 5-year requirement. I currently have TriCare, but want to make sure I satisfy FEHB’s 5-year rule, so I was planning to enroll in FEHB. But then I will be paying for 2 insurances. Do you think it’s worth it? Answer Your TriCare will count toward

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