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financial advice for federal employees

RESCHEDULED: Webinar: Should you take Medicare?

RESCHEDLED – Should you take Medicare? The Big Question. Medicare Part B costs thousands of dollars a year. And they threaten you with penalties if you don’t take it. You already have FEHB. Do you need both? Join me in my upcoming webinar – Should you take Medicare? Tuesday December 18th 11:00 AM In this Webinar I

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5 tax tips to reduce your taxes

5 Tax Tips to Reduce Taxes Before Year End

Tax Planning: Reducing taxes is great, and below I have 5 ways you can squeeze off year-end tax savings.  But before we jump on any opportunity to reduce taxes we need to clarify something.  Is your objective to lower taxes NOW or LATER? This clarification is critical and is the basis for the practice of “tax planning.”  Tax

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TSP modernization act changes

This TSP Modernization Rule has already gone into effect.

This TSP Modernization Rule has already gone into effect The TSP Modernization Act is not supposed to go into effect until November 2019, but one rule has already gone into effect.  Below is the actual language from the TSP which you won’t find anywhere because, as the letter below says, this language contradicts what’s currently

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thanksgiving message for federal employees
Estate Planning

Happy Thanksgiving from Stephen Zelcer

Hi, I don’t want to call out individuals by name, but I certainly want to express my gratitude to the following groups of people: Those who have spoken kind words to me: I started this business 11 years ago. I must admit, during my first 5-6 years, I thought I wasn’t going to make it.

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webinar financial planning federal employees

Webinar – FSA vs HSA – Which is better for you?

Upcoming Webinar – Free to attend What’s better? FSA or HSA? Can you do both? Both of these plans are available thru FEHB this open season. Understanding the advantages of each can translate into thousands of dollars a year, year after year! Join me in my upcoming webinar – FSA, HSA or Both? – Which

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