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TSP Planning report portfolios
TSP Report

TSP Planning Report – September 2019

Another economic indicator surprisingly underperformed this month. But, I’m no where near panic mode – and neither should you. The economy is slowing but not enough to warrant the media doomsday preaching. I’ve published my recommended portfolio’s for this month.

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tsp portfolio advice

New TSP Modernization Rules in less than 5 minutes

Hi, The new TSP Modernization Rules are about to be rolled out.  September 15 is when they go into full effect.  TSP put out a video that is about an hour and twenty minutes long. So I figured I could save you some time by condensing it into a few minutes….. Enjoy Stephen

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Webinar will retirement make you depressed

New Webinar – Will Retirement Make you Depressed?

Will retirement make you depressed?I know we don’t like to think about the potential negatives of retirement, and that’s why you have people like me to nag you and set you on a good path.In my next webinar we’ll explore the practical steps needed to enjoy this next stage of your life.  This is not

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Where should I invest my TSP in August 2019
TSP Report

TSP Planning Report – August 2019

TSP Report August 2019 Facts: • Unemployment remained at 3.7%. • 2nd Quarter GDP was 2.1%, according to the first estimate. • PMI posted another month of expansion, with the index reading to 51.2%. • The S&P 500 (C Fund) gained 1.44% during the month of July. Assessment: • Unemployment is at historically low levels,

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guide to federal employees benefit milestones
Financial Advice

Key Milestones in the Career of a Federal Employee

Key Milestones in the Career of a Federal Employee I’ve seen it many times.  Federal employees who thought they would only spend a few years as a Fed and move on, only to find themselves still a Fed 20+ years down the road.  This unintentional floating along in a Federal job can be transformed into

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