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Goals & Inefficiencies
The Core of Financial Planning

The financial planning industry is loaded with “financial planners” that are really product pushers. Unfortunately, this has resulted in many people avoiding the financial planning practice altogether, dismissing it as being just a sales tactic. However, not having a financial plan usually causes people’s financial lives to drift whimsically and be laden with financial inefficiencies! We need to right the ship!

Join me in my upcoming webinar: “Goals & Inefficiencies – the Core of Financial Planning” and we’ll address the three broad benefits of financial planning:

  • Setting Goals
  • Removing Inefficiencies
  • Financial Consciousness

Whether you’re looking for a financial planner or you’re a “do-it-yourself-er,” this webinar will:

  • broaden your thinking about your personal finances,
  • help you define your goals, and see the impact of goals on your decision making
  • identify the common areas that people lose money.

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