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Divorce. What does "your half of everything" really mean?

 Divorce? Will you lose half of everything?

We all understand that when a couple gets divorced there’s a financial division as well. The question is: which assets are included and which assets are excluded from the division? Also, whichever assets are going to be split, how do we determine the split?

Join me in my upcoming webinar – What does “your half of everything” really mean?

Thursday, May 30th, 11:00 am ET

In this webinar we’ll discuss:

  • How is “marital property” defined?
  • How is “marital property” divided?
  • Best practices for the ideal property division

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Jacob Dorfman

Jacob H. Dorfman, an associate at SBWD Law, handles cases throughout the State of Maryland, in a broad range of consumer protection, civil, and estate planning matters, including the drafting of wills, powers of attorney, and advance medical directives. Jacob draws upon his experience as a Family Law attorney and Mediator to better understand his clients’ needs and help them resolve their disputes with as much ease as possible.

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