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The 9 Benefits of Financial Planning ​

Some people feel financial planning is an exercise to address specific questions. Such as how to position my investments. When should I take Social Security? How to reduce my debt or my taxes. Should I take Medicare? Should I leave the maximum survivor benefits? How do I save for college? But aside from addressing these specifics there are other broader benefits of financial planning.
Number 1 – Goals
Goals are the framework of your thinking. Most people float around with no defined goals, no plan. Making their financial decisions on the fly. Not reaching your goals is deeply frustrating not having goals is deeply disorienting.
Number 2 – Maximizing your cash flow
How much is your lifestyle costing you? And how much room do you have in your cash flow to apply to your other goals? If you don’t know this you are probably losing money.
Number 3 – Removing inefficiencies
Even if you can easily achieve all of your financial goals, but are there inefficiencies costing you much more than it has to? Stop losing money unnecessarily and capture those losses and put them back to work.
Number 4 – Financial Consciousness
Knowing where you are and where you are going imbues you with financial consciousness which impacts your spending and decision making. You are aware and now consciously steering your life
Number 5 – Reality Check
Can you retire? Can you afford your lifestyle? Can you afford to leave Federal service? You may want something
so badly that your ability to be objective has been impaired.
Number 6 – A Second Set of Eyes
To double-check what you may already know but have doubts about. Even the greatest do-it-yourselfer benefits from the assurance.
Number 7 – A Coach
A coach that nudges you to execute your plan and advance towards your goals. I don’t just give you a to-do list and wave bye. I hold you the task and set due dates for you to execute your plan.
Number 8 – Help
Help with financial documents and technical decisions and distinctions. From retirement applications to loan applications, to required minimum distributions. You don’t want to mess these up
Number 9 – Benefits to the Non-Financial Spouse
Benefits to the non-financial spouse. You may know what’s going on in your financial life, but does your spouse? Working with me gives your spouse someone else they can discuss their financial decisions with in case you’re no longer around. There are numerous benefits to you, to your family, to your bottom line it’s time for you to start planning today.
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