Webinar: How to create investment income in retirement without killing your portfolio

creating a retirement investment strategy

We spent a career squirreling away money for retirement, expecting our portfolios will be able to carry us thru our golden years.  But are our expectations unreasonable?  

How long will our portfolios last?  Is there a certain amount of portfolio income that is just unsustainable?  What happens if the market underperforms?   

We will address these questions in our upcoming webinar…
How to create investment income in retirement without killing your portfolio.

In this Webinar I will explain:

• Which asset do you dip into to create your retirement income stream, and when?
• What happens when the market goes up? What should you do when the market goes down?
• How to simplify distributions, so you worry less

Don’t threaten your retirement income.  Register for this class! Even if you can’t make it – register and you’ll automatically be sent the replay!

Please share this link with your friends – https://events.genndi.com/channel/retirement-investment

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