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Unusual things to know about retiring December 31st 2022

Unusual things to know about retiring December 31st December 31st is always a popular retirement date, but this year, 2022, it’s especially popular – because this year December 31st is also the last day of a pay-period, and last day of the month, and the last day of the leave year – a trifecta! What’s

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What is the best day to retire? – Live Webinar

What is the best day to retire? What time of year, month, pay-period, day should you retire in order to get the most out of your pension? I will explain how to pinpoint your retirement date, and how the exact date can save you thousands of dollars. Join me as we explore this topic in

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Q&A – Funding & Replenishing the 10-year bucket

Q&A – Funding & Replenishing the 10-year bucket Question Hi Stephen, I set up the 10-year conservative bucket, as you instructed.  It represents 10-years of investment income.  I love the idea!  I just had some questions:  When do I draw income from the conservative bucket, and do I need to replenish the conservative bucket as some point?  If yes,

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Will I need a double RMD in 2021?

Q&A: Will I need a double RMD in 2021?  Question Due to the waiving of RMDs in 2020, If I am 71 now and retire in November 2020 when must I take the first RMD from the Thrift Savings Plan? Another way to ask the question is the following: For a person who is 71

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Definitions Early outs and buyouts are in the air, and federal employees are scrambling to make their retirement decisions.  Below are the technical details that surround early outs and buyouts.  Those who know the technical details can skip to the very end of the article where I deal with the pressing question of “Should you do it?” First,

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October 9, 2016 3:30 am Published by Stephen Zelcer I often hear people say “I’d rather retire sooner than later.”  But when the choice of retirement dates is just a matter of a few months, then people often assume there’s not much difference between sooner or later.  What difference does a few months make?  Here are some

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