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Should I take medicare?

Should you take Medicare? – New Webinar

Should you take Medicare? – New Webinar Medicare Part B costs thousands of dollars a year. And they threaten you with penalties if you don’t take it. You already have FEHB. Do you need both? My next Webinar – Should you take Medicare? In this webinar I explain: The costs of Medicare When you need to

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Q&A: TriCare and FEHB

Q&A: TriCare and FEHB Question I know FEHB has a 5-year requirement. I currently have TriCare, but want to make sure I satisfy FEHB’s 5-year rule, so I was planning to enroll in FEHB. But then I will be paying for 2 insurances. Do you think it’s worth it? Answer Your TriCare will count toward

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What's better: FEHB or Medicare?

What’s better: FEHB or Medicare?

What’s better: FEHB or Medicare? Important note:  In this article I am only referring to Medicare A, B and D; I’m not getting into the various Medicare Part C plans (known as Medicare Advantage plans. So, which is better – Medicare or FEHB? While it’s not a fair question because there are dozens of FEHB plans

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FEHB Open Season Do’s & Don’ts

Yesterday, I went live on Facebook for the first time to talk about a timely and important topic for Federal Employees. There’s a good deal of money to be saved (& even earned!) when choosing the right FEHB coverage. This live feed can give you some pointers to choose wisely. Check it out below and while you’re at it, join my

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A super-popular question I get asked by pre-retirees is whether they should take Medicare Part B.  Medicare Part A is free and so it doesn’t bother people as much.  But Part B comes with a cost, and that get Feds thinking if they need to pay for BOTH FEHB & Medicare Part B, or just

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