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Happy Thanksgiving from Stephen Zelcer

thanksgiving message for federal employees


I don’t want to call out individuals by name, but I certainly want to express my gratitude to the following groups of people:

Those who have spoken kind words to me:

I started this business 11 years ago. I must admit, during my first 5-6 years, I thought I wasn’t going to make it. Many times my efforts didn’t seem to yield positive results. I could’ve easily justified changing fields. But, the main reason I didn’t is because of positive feedback. I had people saying how much they enjoyed my classes or working 1-on-1 with me. Compliments and testimonials in person or via email. I cannot tell you how much those kind words have kept me motivated and convinced me that I have what to offer. To anyone who has ever enjoyed my classes or my financial planning services, you should credit the people who have said kind words to me over the years. They certainly get credit for any of the positive work I do. THANK YOU!

This goes to show the impact your words can have on others. Do you have anyone who works for you or anyone who has done something for you? Compliment them. The value may not be immediately apparent, but you are keeping someone’s inner world afloat.

Those who have expressed their confidence in me:

Without those who were willing to support my mission, I would obviously not be in business. To my clients and subscribers who deeply value what I do, THANK YOU! To those who have brought me into their agency to teach, THANK YOU. To those who have recommended me to other Federal Agencies, THANK YOU! To those who have referred me to their friends and family, either directly or through LinkedIn recommendations, THANK YOU! You keep me in business, and the others who benefit from my services do so because of your generosity. This THANK YOU comes not just from me, but also my family.

Those who have taught me:

To quote Rabbi Chanina in the Talmud, “I have learned much from my teachers, more from my colleagues, and the most from my students.” I am grateful for the thousands of students who keep me sharp with their questions. I love motivation. When I meet students who are eager to learn, I get excited. What a chance to give. What a chance to grow! THANK YOU.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Stephen Zelcer

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