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Webinar – FSA vs HSA – Which is better for you?

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Upcoming Webinar – Free to attend

What’s better? FSA or HSA? Can you do both?

Both of these plans are available thru FEHB this open season. Understanding the advantages of each can translate into thousands of dollars a year, year after year!

Join me in my upcoming webinar –

FSA, HSA or Both? – Which strategy will save you the most money this open season?

Tuesday 20 Nov 11:00 AM

In this Webinar I will describe:

  • The benefits shared by the two types of accounts
  • The advantages or each
  • Coordinating this decision with your spouse’s coverage
  • Strategies you can implement if you have Medicare

This webinar will literally translate into thousands of dollars of savings, so don’t miss it!

Even if you can’t make it – register and you’ll automatically be sent the replay!

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