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OPM has Suspended Enrollment for the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program

OPM has Suspended Enrollment for the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program

In case you haven’t heard,  the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is temporarily suspending applications for coverage in the Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) to allow their agency and the FLTCIP Carrier to thoroughly assess their benefit offerings and establish sustainable premium rates.  OPM has determined that a suspension of applications for FLTCIP coverage, including coverage increases, is in the best interest of the Program. 

Basically, the FLTCIP has been raising the premiums on existing policy holders, to such an extent that even OPM feels something’s wrong.  This is very alarming.  

Let me add, that is among other alarming trends in the LTC insurance industry.   

In 2010, MetLife (who used to be on the FLTCIP contract) halted offering LTC insurance altogether.  See here: 

The same thing happened in 2016 with John Hancock.  See here: 

This is a continuing trend.  Very concerning.  

Back to FLTCIP, as of today, December 19, 2022, individuals who are not currently enrolled may not apply for coverage and current enrollees may not apply to increase their coverage.  The suspension will remain in effect for 24 months, unless OPM issues a subsequent notice to end or extend the suspension period. 

Additional information about the FLTCIP can be accessed by visiting the FLTCIP website or you may contact Long Term Care Partners directly at 1-800-582-3337.  For questions related to Benefits, to include FLTCIP, please contact the HR Benefits Team at

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