Q&A: Should I take my divorced spousal Social Security benefit?


Hello Mr. Zelcer:

I just turned 66 in March and is planning to retire from Federal Service the end of January 2021.  I am eligible to receive my divorced spouse benefit under Social Security.  My question is it worth it to take my ex-spouse Social Security Benefit now or mine?  I’m not sure how much his is worth trying to decide if I should defer mine.  I am available for a discuss at your convenience,  Thank you for your time.


As of Dec. 31, 2019, when you file for SS, you will be “deemed” to be filing for the higher benefit.  This means you don’t really have a choice to claim his and not yours.  Once you file, you will be “deemed” to be filing for the higher benefit. 

So, you would likely get your own, not half of his.

I hope this helps!

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