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New Webinar - Financial Questions & Answers
with Stephen Zelcer

If there’s one thing Covid-19 has done to us all, it has changed our natural mode of operation and introduced a new dynamic into our lives. As such, things that we previously did without thinking are now being reevaluated. That can actually be a good thing!

I want to harness this new perspective and apply it to our personal finances. I’m sure you’ve been asking yourself some new questions about your money. Now’s the time to address them. 

Join me for a Q&A on personal finance, retirement and federal benefits.

I want to address your questions in my Webinar – Thursday October 15th 2pm ET – so please email your questions in advance.

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Thursday October 15th 2pm ET

Please invite your friends – share this link – Webinar Link

If you can’t make it but want to access the replay, please register, and the replay will be sent after the class. 

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