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New Webinar – How much rainy day money do you really need?

How much rainy day money do you really need? If you think about it, a rainy day fund is primarily for emergency use when something “goes wrong.” As such, it is essentially a form of insurance. The question now becomes, how much rainy day “insurance” should you have?Join me in my upcoming webinar – How much

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guide to federal employees benefit milestones

Key Milestones in the Career of a Federal Employee [Updated]

Key Milestones in the Career of a Federal Employee – Updated I’ve seen it many times.  Federal employees who thought they would only spend a few years as a Fed and move on, only to find themselves still a Fed 20+ years down the road.  This unintentional floating along in a Federal job can be

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federal benefits question and answer?

New Webinar – Financial Questions & Answers with Stephen Zelcer

New Webinar – Financial Questions & Answers with Stephen Zelcer If there’s one thing Covid-19 has done to us all, it has changed our natural mode of operation and introduced a new dynamic into our lives. As such, things that we previously did without thinking are now being reevaluated. That can actually be a good

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is the fsa better than the hsa?

Q&A: Is the FSA better than the HSA?

Q&A: Is the FSA better than the HSA? Question My wife and I are expecting a baby in June.  You made clear that an FSA is the better choice for someone who is anticipating a year filled with high medical expenses… but I didn’t understand exactly why.  Would you mind elaborating very briefly why the

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Financial Planning Subscription

Stephen is an expert on the rules and processes of federal retirement, and also for wealth accumulation through the TSP program and strategies post-retirement. Referring to him as an expert financial advisor is an understatement. I have never encountered an individual with such an overabundace of retirement information. Stephen, ….You always get right down to

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webinar on financial advice federal

Live Webinar: Do you need a Trust?

A trust costs a few thousand dollars. And it seems everyone is doing it. Why? Should you, too? In this webinar you will learn:• The benefits of a trust• The benefits people assume a trust provides, but doesn’t• Whether a trust will solve all your estate planning needs Join me in my next webinar to

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4 investment steps I wish I had known when I was younger

4 Financial Steps I wish I had taken sooner

Financial Moves to make in your 20s or 30s. Hey everybody Stephen Zelcer here.  “I was thinking to myself, what are the financial steps that I wish I’d started sooner. Steps that, had I taken them years ago, they really would have helped me solidify my financial grounding right now. And I thought about it

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What age should I retire

TSP Planning Report – March 2019

Facts: Unemployment decreased 0.2%, down to 3.8%. 4th Quarter GDP came in at 2.6%, according to the first estimate. PMI posted another month of expansion, with the index reading 54.2%. The S&P 500 (C Fund) gained 3.21% Assessment: 2.6% quarterly GDP is a bit weak.  Slightly concerning. Unemployment decreasing is always a good sign. The S&P 500 is exploding, pacing for

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