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Should I take a TSP loan?

Live Webinar – Should you take a TSP Loan

Should you take a TSP Loan? Borrowing from your retirement account. Hmmm. Is that smart?This is a topic you will find mixed messages about if you search online. There’s a time when it makes sense, and times when it’s a massive mistake. Join me in my upcoming webinar “Should you take a TSP Loan?” where

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creating a retirement investment strategy

Is Retirement Better at Beginning or End of Year? Updated for 2024

Is Retirement Better at Beginning or End of Year? Updated for 2024 I often hear people say “I’d rather retire sooner than later.” But when the choice of retirement dates is just a matter of a few months, then people often assume there’s not much difference between sooner or later. What difference does a few

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When & How to Transition your portfolio for Retirement.

When & How to Transition your Portfolio for Retirement.

When & How to Transition your portfolio for Retirement Your portfolio has a different job in retirement than it has pre-retirement. Pre-retirement, the job of your portfolio is to grow. In retirement, the job of your portfolio is to generate income (for most people). Because the job is different, the allocation of your portfolio will

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Financial Planning Subscription

Stephen is an expert on the rules and processes of federal retirement, and also for wealth accumulation through the TSP program and strategies post-retirement. Referring to him as an expert financial advisor is an understatement. I have never encountered an individual with such an overabundace of retirement information. Stephen, ….You always get right down to

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Webinar will retirement make you depressed

New Webinar – Will Retirement Make you Depressed?

Will retirement make you depressed?I know we don’t like to think about the potential negatives of retirement, and that’s why you have people like me to nag you and set you on a good path.In my next webinar we’ll explore the practical steps needed to enjoy this next stage of your life.  This is not

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4 investment steps I wish I had known when I was younger

4 Financial Steps I wish I had taken sooner

Financial Moves to make in your 20s or 30s. Hey everybody Stephen Zelcer here.  “I was thinking to myself, what are the financial steps that I wish I’d started sooner. Steps that, had I taken them years ago, they really would have helped me solidify my financial grounding right now. And I thought about it

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What age should I retire

TSP Planning Report – March 2019

Facts: Unemployment decreased 0.2%, down to 3.8%. 4th Quarter GDP came in at 2.6%, according to the first estimate. PMI posted another month of expansion, with the index reading 54.2%. The S&P 500 (C Fund) gained 3.21% Assessment: 2.6% quarterly GDP is a bit weak.  Slightly concerning. Unemployment decreasing is always a good sign. The S&P 500 is exploding, pacing for

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