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TSP reports for financial planning

TSP Planning Report – November 2018

Facts: Unemployment remained at 3.7%. 3rd Quarter GDP came in at 3.5%, according to the first estimate. PMI, again, posted another solid month of expansion, with the index reading 59.8%. The S&P 500 got walloped and lost 6.3%. Assessment: Unemployment has not seen such lows since 1969. 3.5% quarterly GDP is (relatively speaking) amazing. PMI continues it’s impressive streak, performing well above-average

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Webinar for federal employees

TSP Planning Report August 2018

Facts: The initial estimate for 2018’s 2nd quarter’s GDP came in at a solid 4%, and the final estimate for 2018’s 1st quarter’s GDP was revised up to 2.2%. The S&P 500 posted a solid gain of 3.72%. Unemployment dropped to 3.9%. PMI, again, posted another stellar month of expansion, with the index reading 58.3%. Assessment:

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Should I take social security


Question: Should I take Social Security early, or on time, or late? Answer: Possibly the most popular Social Security question I receive from clients is whether they should take their Social Security (SS) benefit as early as possible – age 62 – or should they wait until their Full Retirement Age (FRA) to start receiving

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financial planning for federal employees


Question: Do you need to take FEGLI, or are you sufficiently insured between your assets, survivor benefits and social security? Answer: There are 3 core life insurance considerations that will shape the answer to the above question. Do you need life insurance at all? How much Life insurance coverage should you have? What is the appropriate

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