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TSP Planning Report – February 2019

Facts: Unemployment increased 0.1%, up to 4%. 3rd Quarter GDP came in at 3.4%, according to the final estimate. PMI, posted another month of expansion, with the index reading 56.6%. The S&P 500 (C Fund) gained 8% (in just 1 month!) Assessment: The S&P 500 had a tremendous bounce back, recovering all it’s losses from 2018. 

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Not timing the Market, but time in the Market.

I know the market has been a scary place these past couple of months.  Is now the time to get out? Or get in?  How should you deal with this market volatility? I have a short explainer video that goes thru the thinking and math regarding this decision. If you would like to work

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TSP Planning Report – November 2018

Facts: Unemployment remained at 3.7%. 3rd Quarter GDP came in at 3.5%, according to the first estimate. PMI, again, posted another solid month of expansion, with the index reading 59.8%. The S&P 500 got walloped and lost 6.3%. Assessment: Unemployment has not seen such lows since 1969. 3.5% quarterly GDP is (relatively speaking) amazing. PMI continues it’s impressive streak, performing well above-average

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