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government shutdown and what to do

Government Shutdown & Income Diversification

Well, the government has shutdown.  Many of us are now in non-pay status, which can impact our accrual of leave hours, our future Social Security benefits, and – if the shutdown lasts REALLY long – can affect our Federal Pensions. But the loss or reduction of future benefits is likely overshadowed by the immediate loss

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Not timing the Market, but time in the Market.

I know the market has been a scary place these past couple of months.  Is now the time to get out? Or get in?  How should you deal with this market volatility? I have a short explainer video that goes thru the thinking and math regarding this decision. If you would like to work

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5 tax tips to reduce your taxes

5 Tax Tips to Reduce Taxes Before Year End [Updated]

Before making a move, did you do your Tax Planning? Reducing taxes is great, and below I have 5 ways you can squeeze-off year-end tax savings.  But before we jump on any opportunity to reduce taxes, we need to clarify something.  Is your objective to lower taxes NOW or LATER? This clarification is critical and is the basis for

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TSP Planning Report March 2018

March 12, 2018 Facts: The S&P 500 had a HUGE drop of  3.7%. PMI, again, had explosive growth, up almost a full percent from last month to 60.8%. The 2nd estimate for the 4th quarter’s GDP is 2.5%. Unemployment was stable at 4.1%.  It’s been at 4.1% for 4 months. Assessment: If we could ignore

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federal employees financial expert


As you approach retirement, you will likely ask yourself if you are better off keeping your money in the TSP, or are you better off rolling your TSP into an IRA? To answer that question we’ll need to point out that both options have their PROs and CONs.  I’ll let you be the judge…. Here

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financial advisor for federal employees


Question:  How should you invest your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)? Answer: Two things need to be analyzed in order to correctly answer this question: The Investor The investments The Investor This part of the answer has good news and bad news. I’ll start with the bad news:  I know many people wish I could just

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financial planning for federal employees


Question: Do you need to take FEGLI, or are you sufficiently insured between your assets, survivor benefits and social security? Answer: There are 3 core life insurance considerations that will shape the answer to the above question. Do you need life insurance at all? How much Life insurance coverage should you have? What is the appropriate

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