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Here’s the scoop for the month of June!

Once again, the environment is favoring stock investing.

I certainly hear the nay-sayers that are concerned for a “correction,” but I don’t rely on a hunch. I rely on data. All four of the economic indicators have improved this month, again. If I see the economy “correcting” itself via the data, that’s when I will adjust my positioning.

For now, C fund and S funds are looking good.

Take a look at some of the more aggressive portfolios. You may be surprised to see a downside exposure that is “stomach-able.”

My lower yielding portfolios are G fund heavy because when stocks do well, you only need a small dose of stocks to lift your overall portfolio performance. (Remember, the G fund itself is targeting a 2.25% rate of return.)

You can access the report with my recommended portfolios on the website,

I am here to help you reach your TSP goals. I monitor the data, apply it to the TSP, and make my recommendations based on the facts and the science. All this is done so you can keep on track to reach your TSP goals.

What do you need to do?

  1. Visit my website dedicated to TSP Planning to learn more about the Service.
  2. Next, set aside $15/month to invest in the education and the personalized guidance the Service provides.
  3. Once you receive my monthly email, log in to access the newest TSP report.
  4. Lastly, log into your Thrift Savings Plan account here: and make your allocation adjustments.

If you’re ready to sign up now, click here. Remember, I’m here to make sure you maximize your TSP and minimize your losses.  Make sure you avoid these TSP mistakes!

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