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Should I take medicare B?

Q&A: Should we take Medicare B or stay with FEHB (FedBlue)?


Hello Stephen,
I am a federal retiree. My husband and I are on my fed blue.  He is still working and just turned 65 and I will be 65 next year.  We have high income / our analysis is the Medicare part b will cost us a ton of money and we are well covered by fedblue. 

Do you agree?

I think the only concern is that the federal health insurance could change and we could need Medicare part b – or that the legislature could change something and we could need Medicare part b and would incur significant penalties .  
Do you have an opinion?



The short answer ultimately is that this is a risk tolerance assessment, which only your stomach can answer.  

But based on the facts on the ground today, there’s a strong argument that you can suffice with FEHB alone.  

You’re right – Medicare B premiums will be higher if your income is higher.  

And you’re right – Medicare can change, and so can FEHB.  There are many changes that can possibly happen.  Why does that make the choice to get Medicare “safer”?  Especially when it’s costing you a bunch.  

It’s true that having Medicare you will reduce your out-of-pocket exposures, but it might not be worth the price.

See my article about this here: 

also, this article:

Let me know if you need any clarifications.


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