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transform debt into wealth webinar

Webinar: Transforming Debt into Wealth

Webinar: Transforming Debt into Wealth Is debt bad? Most Americans have debt of some sort (Mortgages, Student loans, Auto loans, TSP loans, CCs…). Understanding that debt can actually be a tool you leverage to build your wealth will give you a deeper insight as to whether you need to accelerate paying off your debt or

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Special TSP Planning Report March 2020

Facts before the Coronavirus meltdown: Unemployment came in at 3.5%. 4th Quarter GDP was 2.1%, according to the 2nd estimate. PMI expanded, with the index reading to 50.1%. The S&P 500 (C Fund) decreased -8.24% during the month of February. Projections after the Coronavirus meltdown: Unemployment range 9% – 30% !!!!!  To put in perspective,

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financial advice for federal employees

Watch Now – Should you take Medicare?

Watch Now – SHOULD YOU TAKE MEDICARE? Medicare Part B costs thousands of dollars a year. And they threaten you with penalties if you don’t take it. You already have FEHB. Do you need both? Watch my video – Should you take Medicare? In this video I explain: The costs of Medicare When you need to worry

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creating a retirement investment strategy

Is Retirement Better at Beginning or End of Year? Updated for 2020

Is Retirement Better at Beginning or End of Year? Updated for 2020 I often hear people say “I’d rather retire sooner than later.” But when the choice of retirement dates is just a matter of a few months, then people often assume there’s not much difference between sooner or later. What difference does a few

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TSP Report for October

TSP Planning Report – October 2019

Facts: PMI contracted again, with the index reading to 47.8%. 2nd Quarter GDP was 2%, according to the updated 3rd estimate. Unemployment remained at 3.5%. The S&P 500 (C Fund) increased 1.87% during the month of September. Assessment: PMI has contracted for the 2nd consecutive month.  This is on the heels of a 31 month expansion hot

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do I need an annuity

New Webinar – Do you need an annuity?

Do you need an Annuity?:Will you outlive your retirement income and run out of money?  Not if you have an annuity! However, not all annuities are created equal, and not everyone needs an annuity.  Annuities are insurance products that cost money. And some annuities are irrevocable. But the financial advisors (and the TSP) aggressively peddle these

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financial software training

Financial Planning Classes with Stephen

Financial Planning Classes with Stephen Already have an Account? Log in to your account Sign Up First Time? Sign up for our special Introductory Class We’ll help you get started, so you can make the most of the software and this fantastic opportunity to work with Stephen. Enroll here for online training classes Classes Every

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