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TSP Report January

Facts: Unemployment increased 0.2%, up to 3.9%. 3rd Quarter GDP came in at 3.4%, according to the 3rd estimate. PMI, posted another month of expansion, with the index reading 54.1%. The S&P 500 (C Fund) got hammered and lost 9.03% (in just 1 month!) Assessment: Unemployment did increase, but this is the first increase in 4 months, and

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What should you do with your investments outside of your TSP? Should you invest them the same way as you do the TSP? Should one account be more aggressive or conservative than the other? Should you just consolidate them? How do you make these decisions? Join me in my upcoming webinar – COORDINATING YOUR TSP WITH

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Webinar – FSA vs HSA – Which is better for you?

Upcoming Webinar – Free to attend What’s better? FSA or HSA? Can you do both? Both of these plans are available thru FEHB this open season. Understanding the advantages of each can translate into thousands of dollars a year, year after year! Join me in my upcoming webinar – FSA, HSA or Both? – Which

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TSP Planning Report August 2018

Facts: The initial estimate for 2018’s 2nd quarter’s GDP came in at a solid 4%, and the final estimate for 2018’s 1st quarter’s GDP was revised up to 2.2%. The S&P 500 posted a solid gain of 3.72%. Unemployment dropped to 3.9%. PMI, again, posted another stellar month of expansion, with the index reading 58.3%. Assessment:

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TSP Planning Report March 2018

March 12, 2018 Facts: The S&P 500 had a HUGE drop of  3.7%. PMI, again, had explosive growth, up almost a full percent from last month to 60.8%. The 2nd estimate for the 4th quarter’s GDP is 2.5%. Unemployment was stable at 4.1%.  It’s been at 4.1% for 4 months. Assessment: If we could ignore

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